The Litta variations / 4th movement – Milano, 2018

Milano design week 2018

Ph Credits: Santi Caleca, Fabio Bortot, Ruy Teixeira

The motorcycle designed by Mario Trimarchi for De Castelli represents a reflection on the aesthetics of movement. The design follows the forms of the body on the bike, giving the object a sense of the thrilling physical and mental tension of riding at high speeds. Typical aerodynamic curves have been put aside, and the fairing that conceals the inner engineering is segmented as in the logic of time-lapse photography, like a visual interpretation of speed. Over time, with the natural oxidation of the copper, the object is aligned with the time of the city, experienced in an eternally contemporary condition.

Albino Celato, CEO of De Castelli, has enthusiastically launched this new project for Milano Design Week 2018 at Palazzo Litta: «Metal, its workmanship, experimentation and research have constituted the core business of my family for four generations. The possibility of applying the know-how of De Castelli in different field, other than that of furniture, has been a thrilling challenge, also because of my personal passion for motorcycles. It has been a very satisfying experience to make Mario Trimarchi’s project a reality: the first motorcycle with bodywork entirely in copper.»